Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Review: Prescription for Murder by Andrea Bartlett

Good Debut Character Study (4 stars) - a book review

PRESCRIPTION FOR MURDER was an exceptionally quick read. I started and finished on a flight from Denver to Seattle. The reader follows the main character, Jill, as she hard noses her way through the cops and lawyers while her new boyfriend's son is being investigated for the murder of his girlfriend.

PRESCRIPTION FOR MURDER was not necessarily a mystery or thriller, but more of a character study for the three main characters (Jill, her pharmacist boyfriend, and his son). It was a good tale that wove in and out of their lives, all the while fighting against some hard nosed cops that simply love to further their own careers at the cost of sexist jokes, hiding evidence, and other shenanigans.

My only disappointment with this book was the information dump at the end. Everything is pulled together nicely and a lot is revealed in the final chapters; some of which I would have liked to have read (or been alluded to) throughout the book.

All in all, a very nice debut novel. I will certainly pick up the next book published by Andrea Bartlett.

Good reading,

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