Thursday, March 12, 2009

American Gladiators

I just finished reading GLADIATOR, by Dan Clark (also known to you people of the nineties as Nitro from American Gladiators) and it was a very compelling read. While reading about his twenty year struggle with steroids I was still able to remember with fond nostalgia one of the greatest television shows ever created: American Gladiators.

To further this walk down memory lane I stumbled across some classic American Gladiator moments, with some narration by Dan Clark himself.

This first clip is of Nitro pushing a guy off the block after a joust match. It has become especially memorable because it is discussed during GLADIATOR, and should always relate to the divisive character struggling with steroids. Nitro wasn't mad about losing the match; he was mad because the Contender kept on swinging after Nitro had lost.

Who can deny the "It's always personal."

I remember watching this Eliminator on TV. One of the most exciting moments on national television during the nineties.

I love how the Gladiators look angry that either of the Contenders won.

Finally, the return of Nitro. He briefly discusses the reasons why he and several other gladiators left the show (they wanted a standard cut of all the merchandising and were basically told to show up under the current agreement or you're fired). In GLADIATOR, Dan Clark discusses in an emotional moment visiting several kids in the hospital and this small, weak child telling him that he is the biggest American Gladiator fan; and how he was sad that Nitro was no longer on the show. The kid told him that when Nitro ran, he ran. When Nitro jumped, he jumped.

There are some great clips out there. All of these came from the American Gladiators website, but I also watched several episodes on YouTube. I watched the very first episode, and by today's standards, the quality is almost laughable; but, the idea and the charisma is absolutely timeless.

Good reminiscing,

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  1. Very, very impressive and compelling yourself.

  2. Hey... I just met someone whose daughter has a "Kindle" and uses it "all the time." :)


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