Monday, March 9, 2009

Progress Report - 3/8/09

My reading has leveled off in the past couple of weeks since I got back from vacation. I have only read two books (one of which was only 100 pages) since I got home. Regardless, I thought it might be time for another progress report of my reading data tracking.

You can tell when I was on vacation because of the massive jump over the course of a week. Here is a quick summary; or, the "box score," if you will:

Books Read: 14
Pages Read: 5110
Average Pages/Day: 76.27
Average Days/Book: 4.29

Books Reviewed: 11/14
Average Review Ratings: 4.09 stars

I've got several reviews to write before I fall too far behind; and, I've got an book debt (books that need to be read for either publishers or reviewing programs) that is fairly sizable...


Good reading,

Plants and Books

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