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Review: Deadlock by Iris Johansen

Title: Deadlock
Author: Iris Johansen
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 0312368119


Meh... Where Are We Going and When Will We Get There? - 2 stars - a book review

Brief Synopsis:
When Emily Hudson, an expert in artifacts for the United Nations, gets abducted it sets off a around the world chase fueled by revenge and greed. Introduced throughout the escapades are a host of characters with unique skill sets that all are focused on determining the significance of an artifact called Zelov's Hammer.

Overall Impressions:
DEADLOCK was not a terrible book; but it missed the mark in a lot of areas. The entire time I was reading it I had no direction to where the author, Johansen, was taking me. There is no reference to the significance of the artifact and the motivations of the characters. Ergo, the reader is taken on a 'round the world balloon trip with no real destination in mind. It may be like receiving a treasure map with no "X" on it and not knowing what the treasure might actually be. The only motivation is to hopefully get to the end, which is ultimately unsatisfying.

On the other hand, sometimes books can be a solid read based on the characters and their development alone. I had an extremely difficult time relating to any of the characters. The "romance" in the book is so bizarre and difficult to comprehend, and whatever gains might be expected from a romantic involvement is negated by the sheer implausibility of the entire situation.

Overall, this book goes back and forth, jet setting from one country to another without any significant details that one might wonder about when considering bypassing airport security other than the typical explanation in DEADLOCK: "So and so character is very good at what he does." There are a handful of conversations that are retold over and over, and over again.

DEADLOCK just does not deliver. This is my first Iris Johansen book, so I cannot comment regarding the comparison of her previous books; but, I can imagine that fans of hers may enjoy this book since there is a certain writing style that others may appreciate.

Good reading,

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