Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review: Carbon Copy: Alpha Man by Gary Turcotte

Must... Suspend... All... Belief... - 2 stars - a book review

I did not enjoy reading CARBON COPY: ALPHA MAN. When reading science fiction I do not mind suspending belief as long as it is reinforced with solid ideas and some level of plausibility. Unfortunately, CARBON COPY: ALPHA MAN forces the reading to suspend all possible belief with absolutely no level plausibility. The science is rudimentary and impossible to "buy into."

The characters are introduced haphazardly with no real background and explanation for their "elite skill set." For example, the opening sentence:
"Call me Derek 008. I'm a former secret agent of a major world power. I'm being pursued by teams of secret agent hunters. Most of the Nations want me alive. Some Nations want me dead. After this book is published, I will be hunted like a snake by a mongoose."
This is just a small example of the author pumping up the "excitement" without any real explanation or background to develop the character.

The storyline of CARBON COPY: ALPHA MAN is so far out of left field it is unbelievable. I do not mind stories that fit that description, as long as they are executed well; which unfortunately, this book is not. The story introduces so many varied plot lines of equally outstanding and fantastic nature. The story is all over the place and difficult to manage as a reader.

The reason I gave this book two stars (instead of one) is because I could see myself recommending CARBON COPY: ALPHA MAN to a mature young reader to possibly peak his or her interest in the science fiction genre. There is some vulgar language but nothing unmanageable for a mature reader.

Your best bet? Pass on this book.

Good reading,

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