Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yearly Update Coming Soon

I have been keeping track of every book (almost) that I have read since the summer of 2005. I started doing this as a way to keep track of what I had read throughout the year, total the number of pages I read in a particular year, and track my book reviews on my Amazon profile. Several years ago I made a goal to read 50,000 pages in a year. To achieve this goal I would have to read approximately 140 pages a day. Each year since I have fallen staggeringly short.

I was surprised to learn that despite moving a couple times and using different computers I still had my records since 2005. Come January, I will make a post listing every book I read this year. I am also going to post all the books I've read since summer of 2005. Obviously, these list may not be comprehensive and I may have missed a book or two. Nobody is perfect, right? Additionally, I sometimes include books that some may not consider literature or real books, like Graphic Novels and Comic Book collections. However, I consider these to be important literary mediums and convey just as much (if not more sometimes) of a story as traditional books.

Good reading,

Plants and Books

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