Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Review: Caught Stealing by Charlie Huston (5 stars)

When Doing the Right Thing Becomes Increasingly Impossible

CAUGHT STEALING was a fantastic novel from the beginning to the very end. I started reading this book and literally (and figuratively) did not put it down until it was over, several hours later.

There is an all star cast of characters that it is impossible not desire to learn about their motivations and anticipate their next moves. They are so unique it is almost laughable... almost. The pacing of the story is extremely fast and furious and the dialogue is sharp. I could not help but be compassionate to some of the characters.

The plot is gritty, dark, and mildly disturbing in some parts. This is one of those books that sucked me in from the first page and took me for the ride of a lifetime with two hands clinching my throat. The situations posed in the book test the characters in every sense. The main character is especially real, and I truly felt for each painstaking decision he had to make while his life spiraled out of control. I loved how just when I thought his life could not get any worse, it did... by leaps and bounds. This book was a tour de force. I highly recommend this book for noir buffs, action junkies, and really... anyone.

I cannot say enough how glad I am I discovered this author. I anticipate finishing SIX BAD THINGS tonight and A DANGEROUS MAN the following night, because the story was that compelling.

Good reading,

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