Sunday, December 28, 2008

Review: Replay by Ken Grimwood (5 stars)

The Finest Speculation. REPLAY Has it All

REPLAY, by Ken Grimwood, is a miraculous journey through time and the human spirit. Grimwood wonderfully exposes the possible outcomes of having advanced knowledge while leading life. What happens when you live the same thirty years over, and over, and over? What makes a life worthwhile? Is it a lifetime of money, fame, or positive interactions with others? What does anything matter if at the end of the "replay" everything just gets erased, except in your memory?

REPLAY is at times an emotional ride of personal reflection while still maintaining a level of intrigue and curiosity that awaits the protagonist. While only science fiction on a basic level (time traveling), there is a incredible amount of speculation about human motivations, given the frame of reference for the characters. This speculation is what truly makes REPLAY a gem.

There is something for everyone in this book. REPLAY is one of those rare books that captures the imagination, the mind, and the spirit of humanity.

Good reading,

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