Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Blog About Plants and Books

I've toyed with the idea of creating a blog for some time now. I've always considered it, but felt I had neither the time nor the energy to focus on the continuous upkeep of such an endeavor. As I have learned, web pages are only as good if regularly updated. I believe this is exponentially more true of blogs, since the driving force behind a blog is the continuous updates of whatever information the blogger chooses to share. In the information age, information is only as good if relevant and new.

Regardless, I have decided to see if I have what it takes. I could talk about a lot of things, but at this time, I am choosing to focus on two things I do not often get to talk about in the regular day: Plants and Books. I am an avid reader and have an ongoing affair with exotic plants (and the occasional tirade about humanistic behavior). I can see down the road expanding to other topics as my interests in other things wax and wane; but, at this time this blog will mostly consist of plant related posts (pictures, cultivation techniques, how-to's, etc.) and book reviews and discussions.

In full disclosure, part of the driving force of this blog is the fact that I have buried the hatchet with the Amazon Customer Review Program and have started reviewing books again. I see this being the primary focus while I become more familiar with this world of blogging, consolidating book reviews that can be sorted by genre, author, or any other "tag." This blog will rarely contain posts of a personal nature.

Until then, good growing and good reading,

Plants and Books

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