Saturday, April 25, 2009

Review: Miracle Ball by Brian Biegel

Title: Miracle Ball
Author: Brian Biegel
Copyright: 2009
Publisher: Crown
ISBN: 0307452689


CSI: MLB - 4 stars - a book review

The premise of MIRACLE BALL is irresistible: with only two grainy pictures from 1951, can a man track down the arguably most famous home run baseball of all time?

I really enjoyed Brian Biegel's account of his search for the missing Bobby Thompson home run ball from 1951. While I wouldn't call MIRACLE BALL compelling, it was certainly beyond fascinating, with numerous personal accounts of how that moment in history changed lives and how that crack of the bat was so pivotal to not only baseball, but also to the lives of so many fans.

While this book may disappoint some baseball fans for lack of hard core baseball fanaticism and statistics, it has enough emotion from people affected by "The Shot Heard 'Round The World" during the golden era of baseball to make it memorable.

Besides the evidence presented, the most compelling aspect of this book is the lore from a time when baseball truly was "America's Pastime."

Definitely a recommended read for baseball enthusiasts, New Yorkers, and anyone who might have been watching their black and white TV's on October 3, 1951.

Good reading,

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