Thursday, January 15, 2009

Review: The Family Bones by Kimberly Raiser (4 stars)

A Little Bit of Everything. Overall Good Read.

What do you get when you mix some horror, thriller, suspense, and science fiction all together? You get a well written novel that goes by the name of THE FAMILY BONES, by Kimberly Raiser. Raiser has crafted a short book that is hard to describe, and even harder without spoiling anything.

For a book with so many different elements and a variety of characters, it can sometimes be overwhelming. However, Raiser does a nice job transitioning between the opening terrifying chapters to moving the plot along and developing the characters. In the author's note, she talks about how THE FAMILY BONES was first a short story, and it is obvious reading how where the transition occurs.

I had a lot of fun reading this book. I almost read it in one sitting (and would have had my wife not found me at 2:30 AM in the living room telling me to come to bed). It was a quick, fun, engaging read; and, I'm glad I got the opportunity to read it.

The only drawback to this book is I felt like it should have been longer. As I mentioned, there is a lot of quick character and plot development and there are points where there are pages of information that are sort of out of context with the actions of the plot. Had THE FAMILY BONES been 300 pages I believe it could have been a stronger book.

All in all, this book is definitely worth the time it took to read.

Good reading,

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