Friday, June 5, 2009

Amazon Stock Soaring

Over the past couple of months I have not been checking the Amazon stock (AMZ) too often. Between those interludes, the stock was hovering around $73.00, with a couple of spikes and a couple of declines. My hypothetical investment on January 27, 2009 of 100 shares (at $48.40/share) would have cost me a whopping total of $4,840.

Fast forward to today, where Amazon stock is at $85.52... That's a net profit of $3,712! Not bad for six months work.

Six months of ups and downs... but mostly ups.

What's next? Time will tell. I would be halfway tempted to cash out now, wait for a big dip which is sure to come, and then reinvest.

Good investing,

Plants and Books

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